An Active Approach to a Dynamic Market

Achieving full potential from mortgage securities requires discipline, structure and creativity

Real estate financing is undergoing deep structural change. The roles of governments, banks and investors are shifting to reflect a sweeping rationalization of lending brought on by new realities in credit, collateralization, money and banking.

At Invesco Mortgage Capital, we embrace that change and the opportunities that come with it.

We are a real estate investment trust that acquires, finances and manages residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities and mortgage loans. Our objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to our shareholders, primarily through dividends but also through capital appreciation. Our advisory team at Invesco Advisers, Inc. follows a disciplined, thorough, proven and collaborative process, one that recognizes that change is a constant and that the best opportunities are discovered through relentless analysis and research. These independent thinkers are tireless in pursuit of high, risk-adjusted returns through a portfolio of:

  • Residential mortgage-backed securities for which a U.S. government agency or a federally chartered corporation guarantees payment of principal and interest
  • Residential mortgage-backed securities that are not issued or guaranteed by a government agency
  • Commercial mortgage-backed securities
  • Residential and commercial mortgage loans

We operate from strength. Our advisory team brings the requisite multidisciplinary strengths necessary to succeed in today's robust and dynamic mortgage securities market. Team members collaborate with the greater Invesco team, further bolstering our abilities through added expertise, market presence and investment infrastructure. Our manager draws upon Invesco's in-house real estate team, its Worldwide Fixed Income investment team and upon the market insights of WL Ross & Co., an Invesco subsidiary dedicated to opportunities in distressed investments.

Markets continuously redefine the prices and terms of risk, liquidity and capital. At IVR, our approach is consistent and robust as we seek to identify and capture the best investment opportunities in real estate finance for the benefit of our shareholders.